• Dragon6 Web
  • 2020.6

Monday, 25 May 2020


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  • Updated Backgrounds
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  • New Font - Jost

One of the first pieces of feedback we got in 2018 was the font was boring...

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  • Moved Developer Center to own Page

If you're eligible, you will see a blue icon on the top bar

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  • Realign the Dragon6 logo in titles


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  • Updated Login Storage

You might need to log back in...

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  • Make Developer Client Credentials stateless
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  • Add Developer Apps

Developers can add their own apps to get an id and secret to access the Dragon6 backend easily. If you want in ask us via the message box on the member page

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  • Update Default Auth Policy

Developer apps will not be able to access the owner's data (because they are blocked by app id and are stateless)


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  • Fix Dragon6 Messaging System
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  • Database Cache Improvements

Will speed up stats and discord bot loading times by 20%


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  • Verified the DragonFruit Ubisoft Account

You'll know it's us...


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  • Fix admin tools

Accounts (Game)

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  • Add Account Chooser

If a search you make returns multiple users (for whatever reason) you'll now be asked to pick between the resulting accounts.

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