Dragon6 2021.1212

Sunday, 12 December 2021


check Improve cache overhead

We've switched the internal caching system to redis, providing a slightly faster lookup speed

check Improve startup speed
check Improve data seeding allocations
clear Cleanup database structures
check Update dependencies
check Make bot and site asynchronous

This should provide a 20-30% speed boost to the slowest of operations

check Improve token retrieval performance

Now using a timer to ensure a valid token is always available


clear Remove username checker

This feature will remain available in the Desktop version, available from the Microsoft Store

add Add new backgrounds
add Add new season info


check Migrate to .NET 6


add Add Discord rate-limit

Each user can send 1 stats-requesting command every 5 seconds, and will be hit with an error message if another is sent too soon

check Fix inline replies in operator stats responses


check Improve OpenGraph tags mechanism