Dragon6 2022.622

Wednesday, 22 June 2022


check Improve user customisation

We've changed how the user customisation page works, now allowing for smoother cover image changes and Discord account linking/unlinking without the page reloading

check Add operator sorting and filtering

Bringing the design inline with the desktop app, operators can be sorted by a number of stats, and operators that haven't been played can be hidden

add Add custom scrollbar


check Improve Discord authentication flow


check Update Dragon6 bot stats

The Dragon6 bot now displays modern stats, resulting in stats no longer appearing "frozen"

check Migrate to slash commands

We've made the move to slash commands! Everything should "just" work, with most commands remaining unchanged

add Add seasonal deathmatch stats

When using /seasonal, choose from Ranked, Casual and Deathmatch stats for the current season


check Reduce JavaScript size


check Remove legacy database tables
check Update Dependencies


info Update to Vector Glare

We'd been waiting a while for Ubisoft to publish the assets to deploy this release. We're going to be putting effort into merging the mobile and desktop app into a single project to bring an identical experience regardless of device.