• Dragon6 Mobile
  • 2020.6

Tuesday, 16 June 2020


  • remove
  • Remove Server Status

We've temporarily removed the Server Status news card due to a Ubisoft issue resulting in the data failing to fetch correctly and all the platforms showing as in maintainance

  • check
  • Fixed "Servers In Maintenance" message disabling search bar


  • check
  • Operator icons in selector render in their correct places

Thanks to FFImageLoading

  • check
  • Bypass adding saved players to recently searched list
  • check
  • Fix Clear Saved Player setting always showing a success message
  • add
  • Add profile photos to recently searched players
  • check
  • Update Light and Dark themes

Backend (Rendering)

  • add
  • Add toolbar icon tint

Buttons are now easier to see on all themes

  • add
  • Migrate to FFImageLoading

Images will now be cached and load quicker in most cases

Backend (Performance)

  • add
  • Add Account Info Cache

Players that have already been looked up will load slightly faster

  • check
  • Improve Startup Times

Every subsequent launch after updating should see a small performance boost


  • check
  • Update Operator and Season Info

Changes can take up-to 7 days to show. If you want to force an update, press the update asset info button in the settings

  • check
  • Update Dependencies

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