• OnionFruit™
  • 2020.330

Monday, 30 March 2020


  • add
  • Redirect Tor Output

Tor output is now redirected for logging and more accurate connection statuses


  • remove
  • Remove Internet Status Indicator

We've removed this due to its unstability and replaced it with a shortcut to the settings window


  • check
  • Fix null query parameter in connected landing
  • check
  • 'Trace' Console Colour changed to Grey

This makes it easier to distinguish the difference between log message types

  • add
  • Add new connection status

After 30 seconds if there is no success response from Tor OnionFruitâ„¢ will enter a new mode: Tor Connected (Status Unknown)


  • check
  • Move to NuGet Versions of packages

Notably OnionFruit.Status and DragonFruit.Common.Data

  • add
  • Convert to Single Instance App

Previously, multiple instances could be created and would cause synchronisation issues with Tor and the Proxy

  • add
  • New instances will reopen the first instance


  • check
  • Fix bug where reopening OnionFruit™ causes Discord RPC to reset

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