OnionFruit™ 2021.1008

Friday, 08 October 2021


add Add snowflake bridge support

In an effort to improve accessibility, snowflake bridge support has been added. This can be used instead of the other bridge types and could improve network access

check Allow auto-configuration of some bridge types

Some bridges will now hide the entry box if they are non-configurable


add Add circuit lifetime limiter

As requested, an option to configure the lifetime of a circuit has been added to the Tor settings page


info Add DNS compatibility warning for Windows 11

We're aware of compatibility issues with Windows 11, and are working to resolve any issues. For now, a message is displayed in the settings window, informing some users of compatibility issues.


check Change timeout indicator to show connection progress

The timeout will no longer change the message, but will still change the ribbon colour and enable the toggle switch


check Disable connection timeout after first trigger

Aims to fix a rare issue where the client takes so long to connect it can desynchronise the state presented to the user


add Improve the information on the default landing page

We've increased the accuracy and the data provided when you land on the default connection page. If you're connected you can get the company who owns the IP address, if it's supplied to us by Tor