Dragon6 Mobile

Take Dragon6 with you on the go

All the stats you need, condensed onto a smaller screen.


All the stats you need. Simplified

Following the same philosophy as the website, the mobile application offers all the stats the website does and some more, using the dual-tone bars where possible:

  • General Stats
  • Ranked and Casual Seasonal Stats
  • Operator Stats
  • Weapon Stats
  • Mode Stats

Keep up-to-date

Access the latest news from the homescreen from official and trusted 3rd party sources. Powered by Steam


Choose the theme that suits you

Dragon6 Mobile comes with a togglable light and dark theme as standard. During certain events, some colours might change for a limited time.


Save profiles for quick reference

Double tap a user's profile image to save it to the homescreen. We'll also track them even if they change their username


Good luck finding one

We don't believe in ads: they're annoying and intrusive. We aren't out to make money (or sell info). That's it.

Open Source

Built on openly-sourced software

Dragon6 Mobile is brought to you with the help of loads of open-source projects, including .NET, Xamarin and our own in-house projects: Dragon6.API, DragonFruit.Link and DragonFruit.Common