• Dragon6 Web
  • 2020.1023

Friday, 23 October 2020


  • check
  • Fix developer apps not being registered
  • check
  • Require user to confirm before deleting an app


  • check
  • Update API
  • check
  • Add login token identification

First step for making login session work better than before

  • check
  • Remove unused endpoints
  • check
  • Migrate Dragon6 messaging system to webhooks

This was previously an email-based system, which no longer works as intended


  • add
  • Update the linking experience

All you need to do is authorize the Dragon6 App through Discord once

  • remove
  • Remove link-id

Replaced by new system above

  • update
  • Account linking success message

In a future release, the bot will send a DM when an account is linked to discord (to the account that was linked)

  • check
  • Speed up account lookup process

Accounts now search faster if the me username was used


  • check
  • Fix Theme Enforcement dropdown not aligning properly


  • add
  • Add new stats

We've updated the stats UI to add new icons, general stats grid and reduce overall bloat.

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