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OnionFruit™ Connect

Connect to Tor in seconds

Free and no-fuss Tor® access client

"Access the Tor network in the blink of an eye by resorting to this lightweight app that ensures your anonymity while surfing the web, regardless of your choice of browser."
Anca Roman · Software Reviewer, Softpedia

Choose from a large range of countries to pass data in or out of, or let the app pick the best ones for you


OnionFruit™ provides built-in support for various bridges, with some requiring no additional configuration


Prevent DNS requests being sent to your ISP by automatically rerouting requests through Tor

Tor Control

Execute direct commands on the Tor® client while connected

Open Source

Our databases and APIs are publicly available on GitHub for anybody to use

OnionFruit™ supports all major browsers out-the-box

Can you connect any app through Tor?
Yes, providing the app is capable of using SOCKS5 and is set to use the system proxy.
Are .onion sites supported?
Newer versions of OnionFruit™ support SecurDNS, which is an optional addon that allows browsers to connect to `.onion` sites. Note some restrictions may stop this from working, for example the version of Windows or the site itself.
Is there a portable version available?
No, because the installer uses Squirrel you don't need admin rights to install/use it. If you still need a portable copy then it's highly likely the target machine won't allow the program to change the appropriate settings.
What data is collected?
The only data we collect are crash reports, compromised of the .NET Framework Version, Windows Version and the last 25/50 lines of the log before the error occurred.
Is the app actively updated?
DragonFruit is comitted to maintaining OnionFruit™ and its related projects including delivering updates to APIs, databases and client updates.

DragonFruit is comitted to maintaining OnionFruit™ and its related projects including APIs, databases and client updates


Support is available at any time through GitHub, Discord or Email (links at the top of the page)

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