• Dragon6 Windows
  • 2020.325

Wednesday, 25 March 2020


  • add
  • Add more ranked stats

We've added seasonal K/D, last match result and mmr uncertainty to our ranked cards. Hover over specific components to get the new info


  • check
  • Convert to a single-instance app

This should reduce the number of failed openings when users open the app more than once

  • check
  • Fixed Incorrect America Region

When changing to NCSA from another region, stats would have failed to load. If you are affected by this, the next time the app is opened it will automatically correct the issue.


  • add
  • Add searchbar submission indicator

The searchbar will now disable the button on the far right to notify users that a search has commenced

  • check
  • Properly merge the search button to the end of the input field

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